Below is a complete list of ALL Stranger Things seasons 1-3 filming locations, excluding just a few which haven't been discovered yet.

SPECIAL THANKSto Brian Koppell at Reel to Real Movie and TV Locations

for some help finding spots for me and thanks for also scouting some of the spots i found for you! 

*Hawkins Library  //  Butts County Probate Court
   25 3rd St.  (in center of town square)  (1st parking spot to left of staircase on Melvalds side)
*Melvald’s General Store
   4 2nd St.  (corner of 2nd St & Mulberry St.)
*Radio Shack
   22 2nd St.  (next store to left of Melvald’s)
*Hawk Cinema //  Bradley’s Olde Tavern
   12 Oak St.  (corner of 2nd & Oak St.)
*Steve & Jonathan’s Alley Fight
   Alley directly behind ‘Hawk Cinema’
*Hawkins Water & Sewer Authority  //  Butts County Water & Sewer Company
   100 W. 2nd St.  (corner of 2nd & Oak St. across from ‘Hawk Cinema’)

*Palace Arcade & Family Video
   6501 Church St.  (corner of Church St. & James St.)
*Hawkins Police Station
   8485 Courthouse Square West  (corner of Church St. & Courthouse Square West)

*Hawkins National Laboratory  //  Briarcliff IT Center
   1256 Briarcliff Rd.
*The Quarry  //  Bellwood Quarry
   Chappell Rd.
*Lonni’s House
   930 Garibaldi St. SW
*Hawkins Community Pool  //  South Bend Pool
   2171 Lakewood Ave SE
*Van Chase Scene (Season 2)
   Corner of Murphy Ave. SW & Bluff St. SW (where they think they shook the police)
   562 Glenn St. SW (where the tunnel collapses)
   81 Peachtree Place NE (opening scene S2 where they run out and get in van)
   30 Cone St. NW then to Williams St. NW

   118 Williams St. SW to Fairlie St. NW (oncoming shot at corner)
*Jonathan & Nancy drive to Murray’s
   Corner of Margaret St. & Lakewood Ave. 275 Margaret St. SE (at side entrance of Schnitzer)

*Steve Harrington’s House
   8253 Carlton Rd.  (10th house on left side from main entrance of Red Gate Estates)

*The Hideaway  //  Smokin’ Ques
   112 North Berry St.
*Hawkins Middle & High School  //  Partick Henry Education Center
   109 S. Lee St.

*Mike Wheeler’s House
   2530 Piney Wood Lane  (at end of cul-de-sac)
*Lucas Sinclair’s House
   2550 Piney Wood Lane  (2 houses to the left of Wheeler’s house)
*Trick or Treat House
   2545 Piney Wood Lane  (across street from Wheeler’s house)
*Dustin Henderson’s House
   2886 Piney Wood Dr.
*Barbara Holland’s House
   2980 Piney Wood Dr.
*Hawkins General Hospital  //  East Point First Baptist Church
   2813 East Point St.  (back/right side of church, entrance off Linwood Ave.)
*Hawkins Town Hall  //  East Point City Hall
   2757 East Point St.  (corner of East Point St. & Linwood Ave.)
*Old East Point Library (used for interior shots of library only)
   2777 McGee Way
*Brimborn Steel Works
   2903 RN Martin St.

*Will Byer’s House

   149 Coastline Dr.
*Will’s Cemetery  //  Bethany Cemetery
   607 Rivers Rd.  (corner of Rivers Rd. & Lees Lake Rd.
*Terry Ives House
   424 Lees Lake Rd.
*Phone Booth Scene with Hopper & Joyce
   Corner of Flower Rd. & Dogwood Trail

*Pumpkin Patch  //  Sleepy Hollow Farm              
   628 Sleepy Hollow Rd.  
*Hopper’s Secret Cabin
   Located on Sleepy Hollow Farm and is also a themed Stranger Things Escape Room


*Max & Billy’s House
   5280 Moore St. (behind Barb’s cemetery)
*Barb’s Cemetery 
   1033 Cemetery Circle St.  (corner of Cemetery Circle St. & Silver Hill Rd.) (Back left section near       Tomason headstone)
*Motor Motel  //  Scottish Inns
   6255 Memorial Dr.
*Train Track & Woods  //  Stone Mountain Park
   1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd.

*Benny’s Burgers  //  Tiffany’s Kitchen

   7413 Lee Rd.

*Bradley’s Big Buy  //  Piggly Wiggly
   504 Center St.  (corner of Menefee St. & Center St.)
*Mike & Dustin ride bikes
  Menefee St. & Center St.
*Actor-Extra Holding location for Season 3  //  Sardis Baptist Church
   8400 Sardis Rd.

*Starcourt Mall  //  Gwinnett Place Mall
   2100 Pleasant Hill Rd.

*Hawkins Post
   6981 Main St.
*Oscar’s Gas & Go  //  Ravi’s Food Mart
7705 Covington Highway (corner of Klondike & Covington Hwy.)

*Bike/Van Chase Scene
  1871 Joppa Lane (start)
*Kids cut through the driveway
  1855 Joppa Lane
*Cul-de-sac meet up
   1832 & 1838 Joppa Lane
*Van Flip Scene
   3782 & 3788 Sarahs Lane  (between houses)

*Junkyard  //  Crane Auto Parts
   3975 Georgia 20
*Georgia International Horse Park (woods scenes)
   1996 Centennial Olympic Parkway NE
*Enter/Exit Gate at ‘Hawkins Lab  (where Murray laughs/waves to the military guys leaving)
   3090 Gees Mill Rd. NE  // Rockdale County Water Treatment
*The 7-Eleven // Millstead Food Mart
   1427 Loganville Highway

*Hopper’s Original Cabin
   2363 Daniel Rd. SW  (down dirt road behind Thomas Concrete)

*Enzo’s Restaurant // Dominic’s Italian of Historic Norcross
   95 S Peachtree Street


*Hawkins Memorial Hospital // Emory Adventist Hospital
   3949 S Cobb Drive SE

FOR THE LOVE OF STRANGER THINGS                                                                                  

Each year around September/October, decent sized group of us try to plan a night at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida. Luckily we live in the Tampa Area, so it’s not too far for us. So last year, myself and my husband, along with my brother and his girlfriend, and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend all planned a night to go together. So this year’s theme just happened to be ‘Stranger Things’ and to be honest, I hadn’t even watched it yet. For weeks prior to going, my brother, Sean, kept telling me to watch Stranger Things, like literally every day. The day came to go to HHN, and nope, still hadn’t watched a single episode. For me it didn’t really matter the main theme, I just love getting scared and love the haunted houses and of course the rides! We hit every house that night and a few rides before we headed to the last haunted house of the night, the Stranger Things house. The line was about 2 hours long, and I thought to myself, “for a line this long, it’s gotta be good.” As usual, I’m the first one out of the group to walk in with everyone else single file behind me. As I walked through, nothing really made sense, well, as for decorations and such. I tried to soak in as much detail as I could while walking through so this way once I watched the show I could figure each thing I saw out a little bit better. Everything was going good until we walked into the last room. It was covered in strobing, super bright, Christmas lights flickering and then faster and faster. All of a sudden, the room goes black and all I could hear was this creepy animal-ish sound, almost like a cross between a velociraptor and Predator. When the Christmas lights started flickering again, there was someone in this scary costume, which come to find out was the Demogorgon, and it was legit 2 feet in front of my face. IT. WAS. TERRIFYING.

That following day, my husband and I began the start of season one of Stranger Things. We planned to watch just a few episodes, and then about 5 episodes later, we had to take a break. The next day, same thing, more episodes. Season 2 I finished in a day by myself, but I still sat through each episode again with my husband while he caught up. I was hooked. Like 100% hooked. The amount of 80’s nostalgia flooded over me with each episode. All the Easter-eggs in each episode. It reminded me so much of my childhood and a ton of my favorite movies from when I was a kid. The settings were perfect, the props were amazing, the cast was fantastic, it was so well written, I just loved it immediately.

In comes the collection….

For some years, I’ve been a little bit of a collector. Mostly Hotwheels, some random art, The Fast and Furious toy cars, I’ve carried on a series of Playboys from my Grandfathers collection, and some other random 80’s & 90’s memorabilia too. Then, I purchase my first Funko Pop!, which was Eleven (Snowball Dance) shortly after I had watched ST. Then it started to ‘snowball’ even more from there. More ST merchandise began to fill my collectibles bookshelf. All different kinds of stuff – McFarland toys, comic books, the novels, mystery vinyls, and T-shirts…..LOTS of t-shirts. And yes, I do wear most of them. The collection has now completely filled a 5 shelf bookcase and a 2ftx4ft bulletin board also, and it’s still growing. Now that there’s just so much merchandise being released for Season 3’s premier on July 4th, I’m actually beginning to get picky, considering there’s just sooo much of it. (Plus it gets expensive!)

 Back to November 2018…

At this point, I had probably watched both seasons at least 3 times. Shortly before November, my brother, Sean, and his girlfriend, Kayla, took an impromptu road trip up to Georgia to see some of the filming locations that Sean had found online. Yes, they are huge fans of the show also. When they came back from the trip, we immediately all began to plan another trip up. We ended up shooting for the weekend of November 6th, which actually ended up becoming National Stranger Things Day! How random. Before and during our trip up, I continued to search for more locations. At this time, not too many had been made public, especially the Byers’ home, and I was dying to find it. On the way up to our hotel, we stopped by a few spots, including the school, the hideaway, the lab (which was being used for filming Doom Patrol at the time), and then to ‘Starcourt Mall’ which was literally right next to the hotel we were staying at. After checking in, we took a drive over to the mall, since we heard filming was still currently taking place. When we had arrived, we drove right through the parking area where there were a few prop cars (the Indiana State Police, Hawkins Police car, a red convertible Lebaron (that was totaled), Billy’s Camaro, and another car that we didn’t recognize and was also totaled. There was also a ‘Lynx’ truck on site next to one of the production tents set up in the far end of the parking lot. We walked up to the entrance where the cars were closest too, and saw a sign that read “NOT AN ENTRANCE” but did appear to have the Starcourt Mall stickers with hours on the doors to enter. We were also greeted by a security guard, who told us we had to enter the mall from an opposing side. Once we got in (through the other entrance just on the other side of Beauty Mart), we walked up to the 2nd story to overlook the area where they were filming. You couldn’t see much, other than the tops of the business signs that were blocked off with a black mesh screen completely surrounding the area. There was also multiple security gaurds in the mall as well, one of which was sitting on a chair next to the entrance of the set. There were also signs stating NO PHOTOGRAPHY and DO NOT ENTER. We spoke with the one security guard for a quick minute, explaining how we were all the way up from Florida just to come get a sneak peak of the set while not filming. Unfortunately we had no luck getting in, but headed downstairs and pretty much ran into the same situation-another security guard, and he was not so friendly. Told us we immediately had to leave the area, no photos, blah blah blah. Ok we get it….but we would be back. We went back to the hotel to get some rest and map out the next days stops, and one of those luckily got to be The Byers’ house, which I found while googling for at least 3 hours or so while laying in bed. In the morning, we got right into the car and drove back over to the mall. There were now different vehicles added in next to the prop cars (a military style jeep) and some were gone or moved already. We guessed that sometime late in the night they were filming or at least on set doing more stuff to start filming again. Billy’s car was now removed, a firetruck was also added in and parked next to the same Lynx truck from the night before, 2 big military style trucks were being unloaded off a transport truck, production cranes were being assembled and another tent was up. At that point, we knew they would be filming that day or night and we had to come back. In the meantime,  we went back inside, walked around, tried to see more stuff and saw some of the stores that were ‘boarded up’ we being used for storage. One of which had another red Lebaron, same exact one as the one outside in the parking lot, but inside the mall. We snapped a few photos here and there, very secretly of course, and then headed out. We didn’t want to overstay our welcome. We drove out to Stone Mountain from there to see Max & Billy’s house, Barb’s cemetery. Pretty creepy of how close Max’s house is to a cemetery, like almost in the back yard close. It was a pretty quiet area, actually extremely quiet, but creepy too. From there we went to drive by The Byers’ house. Its very covered by a berm in the front yard between the street and the house, so you can only see just the very face of the house and the shed to the left. The road was a dirt road and very narrow, so we took some pics from the car before we busted a u-turn and left. The street also has tons of No Tresspassing signs along all the properties, so it’s a pretty private area for homeowners, and they obviously don’t want fans around all the time. After the Byers’ visit, it was off to Steve’s house in Red Gate Estates. The neighborhood is filled with large properties and gorgeous houses also. It’s a bit hard to see into the pool area of Steve’s house from the road, but if you look hard enough you can just barely see it. The Red doors are also still the front doors. Such a gorgeous home, and definitely something the Harrington’s would most likely own. After there is was over to East Point to see The Wheeler’s, The Henderson’s, The Sinclair’s and the Holland’s homes. They are all in the same neighborhood, Dustins being the house on the hill next to the powerlines when you’re driving in, Barb’s is on the same road just around the bend, then you’ll turn left onto Piney Wood Lane and see The Sinclair’s home on the left 3 homes before the cul-de-sac. The Wheeler’s is 2 houses to the right of Lucas’ at the end of the cul-de-sac  and across the street from them is the ‘Trick or Treat’ house, where Will sees the Shadow Monster after being scared. You can still see the paint markings on the ground in front of Lucas’ house where he stops on his bike to look at the Hawkins Power and Light guy. In the front yard of the Wheeler’s home is a No Tresspassing sign but also says, ‘Please Take Photos From The Road.’ I’m sure they get lots of fans daily driving by, but at least they don’t seem to mind the constant paparazzi coming through.  After driving by the kid’s houses twice, we went back to the mall to see if filming was under way. Nothing yet, at least that we saw when we pulled in. Everything looked pretty much the same as earlier in the day. Just another larger semi (which was Hollywood Trucks Productions equipment) and a few more normal cars probably belonging to film crew. Earlier in the day when we were at the mall, we were walking out to the car and spoke to one of the gaffers on set who had told us they were filming that night, amd unfortunately, we couldn’t stay since we had to head back. He did inform us they would be landing helicopters and there was fresh paint markings on the ground to show where the camera was going to roll at. We were bummed that we couldn’t hide across the street in the Sonic parking lot and watch, but we still had 2 more spots to stop by before leaving Georgia. To me the mall, as it was, was just enough that I wanted to see. Sometimes actually seeing the filming will ruin the experience of the show, and it didn’t really bother me that much. I mean, it would’ve been cool to see some military styled helicopters landing and watch the actual filming take place, even though we didn’t know what part we were even watching or how much of it we would be able to stick around for, but maybe next time. Our last stop was Hawkins Police Station and Palace Arcade, both located on the same road in Douglasville about a mile apart from each other. The Police station was closed up with kraft paper blocking the doors from the inside and a note taped firmly on the outside, which had some of the times that they were filming for the day. Unfortunately, right when we got there, a very violent storm was coming through. It was pouring when we got over to the arcade, but we did see a lot of crew wrapping up all along the surrounding streets, some trailers that looked like they were being used for the actors, Steve’s car was parked across the street from the arcade and the arcade had 3 of the boys bikes and Max’s skateboard hanging out in the bike rack just outside the door. We had to leave and try to beat the storm, but got caught up in some traffic. As soon as we got back onto the interstate, within 15 minutes of driving, traffic was coming to a halt. A tornado had passed through the interstate about a mile and a half in front of us, leaving trees littering the entire road. It was so scary, but at the time, we didn’t know what had happened until I looked it up on the local news. Then it was REALLY scary, especially since it was night time when this happened. We were blessed for sure on that ride home.
Surprisingly, we started to plan another trip….

Yep, that’s right, making it Sean & Kayla’s 3rd trip and my 2nd. We set a date for late January, even through we knew filming wrapped on November 13th we still wanted to see the stops again and try and find some other new S3 spots to add. When January came, I ended up not being able to go and neither did my husband, due to work and the care of a 4 month old puppy that we adopted at Christmas time. Sean and Kayla still went. Then they went up again a few months later, this time to add a few of the Cobra Kai locations where they filmed. Now that season 3 was almost here, we needed to go up again. It was June and for my birthday, we had tried to plan for that following weekend of the 10th which ends up being Father’s Day weekend, so we passed. Then we rescheduled for weekend of the 20th-23rd. After already seeing the locations once before, I still wanted to find more new spots. From the time we had come back home from my trip, I had searched and searched and searched for more locations. I ended up adding in some spots from a few other movies and shows as well that would also fit in on this trip. A few of the ST S3 locations I found were from literally google mapping from a screenshot off of a page on Instagram. I had spent HOURS ‘driving’ down random streets all over a few towns just to find these places, just from looking at a photo and a general location pin that showed where they were filming. The photos on the IG page were a lot of behind the scenes shots during filming or just random set locations. Some even had comments that they were from EUE Studios, but that just turned out to be false. I ended up finding a few of the S3 spots and added them in, including the Hawkins Community Pool. That was one of the specific places that showed the pool from the outside, but said it was a built set at the studio, and I wasn’t buying it. It just looked wayyyy too natural, especially the lighting. Turns out, I got in contact with a guy that has a few film location lists on his blog, one of which was Stranger Things and Cobra Kai. I emailed with him back and forth, exchanged some location addresses with each other and he said he was going to check on the location for the pool since it wasn’t a far drive for him. Turns out it was. (Thanks for checking Brian!) As the days got closer to our trip, we mapped out a 4 day journey of various filming spots to checkout, some new-some old, which included Cobra Kai, Den of Thieves, My Cousin Vinny, Ozark, The Walking Dead, and of course, more Stranger Things. We didn’t get to see all of the locations we mapped, but will definitely save them for the next trip. During this trip, we also wanted to add in some spots to eat (where filming was done) and some fun activities, like roller skating at Cascade and hitting the arcade and go karts at Fun Spot America. No matter how many times you’ve been to these places, it’s just always such a cool feeling to see how production turns certain areas into somewhere else fictional. Cool to stand in the same spot movies stars have stood in while they filmed too. It’s also really cool, especially when you’re a really big fan!

 Thursday, June 20th, 2019 – Road trip Day 1.

Just a heads up - this section is super long and detailed. It may contain mild spoilers also, especially if you’ve never seen any of the shows/movies. It will also contain addresses and area details regarding location safety, etc. The reason I wrote this was for fans of all ages, especially those who plan on going to see the filming sites. Some are very family friendly, and some weren’t so good.

So now it’s trip number 5 for Sean and Kayla, and trip number 2 for me. My husband couldn’t make this trip either, so it was the three of us back at it. It was about 5.5 hours to our first location from leaving home. The first stop on our trip was at the small town of Jackson, where ‘downtown Hawkins’ is located. Here you’ll find Melvald’s General Store, Radio Shack, Hawkins Water & Sewer Authority, Hawk Cinema and Hawkins Library. Four streets make up this town square, and dead center is The Butts County Probate Court (Hawkins Library). When we pulled into town, it had just started to rain, so we parked in front of the ‘library’ and ran over to Lucy Lu’s Coffee Café. They (I believe) are the only store in the town that has a Stranger Things theme at all, and it’s for one of their drink menus. I didn’t order a specific ST themed drink, because I needed a really strong coffee at the time. It was such a nice little corner coffee shop. Very nicely decorated and very relaxing. The cookies and drinks were great too! Once it stopped raining, we headed out of the shop for a quick foot stroll around town. We walked across the street to check out Melvald’s, which was pretty empty. You could still see where the counter was where Joyce buys the Christmas lights. Right next door to that was where Bob Newby’s Radio Shack was, which is now called Headliners. At the next corner up, Oak and 2nd St., you’ll see the furniture store, Hawk Cinema & Hawkins Water & Sewer Authority. The furniture store is not a filming location, but is featured as part of the backdrop for the town. The Water & Sewer Authority is actually a water and sewer authority, Butts County Water and Sewer Authority. This is the building where Jonathan parks his car in front of and chases Joyce across the street after they visit the morgue. ‘Hawk Cinema’ is called Bradley’s Olde Tavern. Its directly across from the sewer authority. Inside is nice, although we didn’t eat there, we just peeked in the windows. It’s an 18 and up dining experience. I did some mild research on it and found out the bar that is inside is about 100 years old and came from an old mansion. If you walk directly behind Bradley’s, you can walk down the alley where Jonathan and Steve get into a fight. It almost still looks exactly the same. Just smells yuck since it’s, well, the alley way behind a bar. The center square only consists of the Butts County Probate Court, and the side facing Melvald’s is the side they filmed. You can spot Hoppers Parking spot too! This seemed like a very family friendly area. Parking is all in front of the stores. Just make sure you stop by Lucy Lu’s Coffee Shop to grab something to drink while you’re exploring the town! For the next stop we went out to Monticello, or just a few miles before town, to the Sac-O-Suds, that was used during filming in My Cousin Vinny. This is the store from the very beginning of the movie, where Ralph Macchio’s character accidently shoplifts a can of tuna. Has some cool history to it. The store didn’t last so long after the movie had filmed, and eventually closed down. In 2014, it reopened back to the Sac-O-Suds, mainly as a bait and tackle shop again. They since somewhere within the last year it looks, have closed again. They did, however, sell cans of “2 Yutes Tuna” and souvenir t-shirts from the movie. It was super awesome to see it and see inside. We didn’t go in, obviously, but the windows have no tint. This building sits directly next to the Ocmulgee River, which looked to be a popular spot for some locals taking their jeeps and kayaks down a steep embankment next to the river. Unfortunately, there is no more concrete median where “the suspects tires had left a tremendous amount of rubber.”  There’s also a grass partition between the road and building as well that looked to have been there for some years. This building also sits literally in the middle of Jackson and Monticello, with nothing else near it. I wouldn’t say its unsafe, but definitely not a place to go alone, as it is pretty far from civilization. I must say that the setting has change quite a bit since 1992. Stop 3 of the day was Hawkins Middle/High School…again. The school still says Hawkins Middle across the face of the gym, and still looks pretty fresh too. The ‘school’ is still a working school, just functions as Patrick Henry Adult Education Center. The ‘middle school’ side seems to be unused, as well as the rear of the school where the track was. It’s very overgrown and had some random garbage here and there. We did do a complete walk around, spotting out the scene where Max throws the crumpled up letter in the garbage can, where Troy and his friend pick on the boys, where will gets over taken by the shadow monster, where Lucas is dumpster diving- all those scenes were filmed in the back of the school. On the front side is where the high school portions were filmed. The sign is no longer above the overhang, but you can look through the far right doors and see where Jonathan hangs the missing will poster and where Nancy’s locker was. If you go out over to the parking lot, you can spot where Steve rips up Jonathans photos, billys parking spot and where the boys ride their bikes up the hill past the bus in episode 1 of season 1. There’s also a police station right across the street from the school and the area was pretty nice. Lots of local shops and food spots are also very close. Just make sure to not over stay your welcome, as the property is still a functioning business/school. If you leave the school and want to stop by another ST film spot, you can check out “The Hideaway” which is about a half mile up the road from the school. In real life, it’s called ‘Smokin’ Cues’ and it’s still a bar, including some pool tables and a poker table. We stopped in to check out the inside, only to see a poker table where the booths were. Production had brought in the booths and some of the props just for the show and then removed them after. It still pretty much looks almost the same, minus the booths. I did sit in O’Bannon’s seat and Sean sat in Hopper’s seat. I asked the bartender if it was a possibility if I could buy one of the rocks glasses, as that was what Hopper was taking his ‘celebratory shot’ from. She was super nice and told me it was no charge. I was a bit surprised that I was getting a glass, let alone for free, so I tipped her $7 and we ended up leaving, since alcohol and driving don’t mix. We took the detour to drive around the back of the building to see the scene spot where Hopper beats up O’Bannon. Looked nearly identical to how it looked in the show, just no black 4 door mid 80s Fords creeping around.

At this point it was getting to be the beginning of rush hour and we still needed to check into the hotel. We stayed at the Econo Lodge right across the interstate from Six Flags Over Georgia. Pretty nice hotel, clean, 24 hour desk clerks, free breakfast and just about $86 a night. Couldn’t complain. After we checked in, we all crashed pretty early, as Friday was going to be a long day in and out of the car.

 Friday, June 21st, 2019 Road Trip Day 2.

Bright and early Friday morning, we headed a little West into Douglasville to check out Palace Arcade & Hawkins Police Department. We were hoping to possibly see some stuff being set up for maybe the beginning production of season 4 of Stranger Things, but it was highly unlikely. We went by the police station first, and again, we saw a big note taped to the door. Thinking it was another film schedule, we got excited, except for when we got closer and pulled into the parking spot, the sign had ASBESTOS written on it in big, bold black letters. We didn’t even get out of the car. The exterior of the building still looked the same, with the blue awning over the front door. We also passed on photos because there were so many cars parked in front anyways. So up Church Street we went, heading over to the arcade. The building is still painted with the awesome purple and orange pattern, the interior had been gutted, but a few walls were still painted the same as well as the colored tiles on the floor. The adjoining building still has “Family Video” on the front doors. The Palace Arcade sign that spins was also gone. This was the second time I saw this location and it still seemed just as cool seeing it again. This town where these 2 locations are is pretty busy with daily foot and vehicle traffic, although it is a pretty small town theres a lot of businesses and places to grab food. We hungout in the arcade parking lot for a little bit, walking around and soaking it in, considering this may just be the last time we see this building the way it sits. Such a cool spot, especially being able to see into the inside of it. It almost looked exactly the same as the last time we saw it, so maybe they will be using it for another season….

Stop 2 was at Kennesaw State University’s gymnasium. Why? Because that was the building used as the entrance to The All Valley Under 18 Karate Championship. Well, at least in Cobra Kai it was. They didn’t film in the inside, except for the lobby, but the outside was pretty cool to see. Also, just across the street is the Architecture Building and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We only stayed on the property long enough just to get a quick couple of pictures. From the campus, we went over to Marietta to drive by The Larusso home, also from Cobra Kai. They used the exterior of this house and also used some CGI for the palm trees in the front, unless they were taken out after filming. The front of the house isn’t really visible if you’re driving by, and is also on a fairly busy main road. Its blocked a bit from the road by larger trees lining the road, but there is a big break in it, and if you drive by slow enough, you get get a pretty solid shot of the whole house. There aren’t many side streets if you were thinking of getting out and walking by, besides a bunch of private driveways that are gated. The houses were nearly mansions in this area. The roads the whole way up the hill to see the Larusso home were very twisty and very hilly. We also saw deer hanging out non-chalauntly along the roadside here and there. Such a beyond beautiful area. By the time we got done driving through the neighborhood back into town, we were getting hungry. We grabbed some lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill. Fun Fact- it’s a chain of restaurants owned by Ted Turner (owner of TBS) specializing in Bison, which is raised on Turner’s land. He also owns so much property between Mexico and Canada that you can walk from one to the other without ever stepping off of his land (insert slack-jaw face here). I had ordered a Cobb Salad, which was all organic and grown locally and Sean & Kayla had bison burgers. The food was so delicious, not over priced and the staff was awesome. Definitely a cool spot to eat. Just a few miles from the restaurant is ‘Oakes on the Beach’ athletic club in Cobra Kai. When we pulled up, Kayla and I hopped out and went in through the front doors, and surprise! No one at the front desk. We walked straight through to the balcony off the pool area annnnd the door locked behind us. DOH! There were a lot of people swimming and suntanning, all the tennis courts behind the pool were occupied and there was an event that had just ended in one of the banquet rooms. We didn’t want to get in trouble for being inside, being non-members, so we found the closest unlocked door and made our way in through the bar area, then to the front door. The pool is a pretty small area, but on film they make it look pretty big. Some of the landscaping wasn’t there anymore either, but was most likely used as props anyways. Still a gorgeous place, inside and out. 

The following spot we were really anxious for – Starcourt Mall – but actually Gwinnett Place Mall. There is a huge set built here for the new season coming out, and it’s pretty awesome. The mall itself is open, however it seemed like still only 10% of the stores were actually open for business. Some looked as if they were creating new sets, or possibly re-opening the store after they had already used it. Some stores also looked like they were being used for storage too. The food court area they built for Stranger Things’ new season, was blocked off completely by tall black, mesh screens. You could see through as you were walking by but just very briefly. We walked through it to go into Beauty Mart, and for this walk, you literally walk through the middle of the set on the bottom floor. There was a security guard sitting in a chair down this ‘path way’ to Beauty Mart tho, so you couldn’t even get your phone out at all really. There’s signs that so NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR FILMING on each side. They also tell you that you ‘have to walk a little faster’ while walking through, and they’re pretty stern. Remember, there’s probably tons of fans coming through here DAILY, all day long, just to try and get a sneak peek, and security is just doing their job, so please try to be understanding and put the phones down. Apparently they will also threaten with arrest if you try to video or take pictures, so just be weary and respectful. There was also lots of security walking around through the mall this time and we found out that a new movie called “Holidate” was either currently filming, or just wrapping for the locations. There were lots of crew working on stuff like certain electrical lines being rolled up and placed in specific spots, things being taped down, insides of stores being painted. It was pretty cool to see, and pretty cool that at the time we were walking through a working set in some spots. The Christmas themed areas pretty much gave it away. But it did look like they used a ton of the mall for this movie, as stores here and there were decorated in the windows with Christmas themed stuff, all the way down to Sears, which also was Christmas themed, although the inside was completely empty. We went upstairs to see if anything else had changed from the last time we were there, but still looked like it hadn’t been touched. I snuck a picture of the Radio Shack sign but that was about all you could see, and they didn’t let you hangout there either. Last time we weren’t able to walk through to Beauty Mart, like the way they had it this time, most likely because it was still being used for filming. So basically, you can walk directly through the center of the food court area on the lower level, you can see lots of destruction and most of the store signs. It was so awesome! I would definitely recommend  going here as soon as possible to see this before it gets torn down or re-built, especially since it seems to be one of the stapled sets to season 3. The mall area is a decent area, but just be mindful of your surroundings when walking around inside or outside. Although there is security, most of them are inside the mall and not outside and it’s a pretty barren parking lot on a few of the entrances. Some lots are currently being used as over-flow parking for all the local car dealerships that pretty much line a ring around the mall. We also stayed at a hotel right here last time we were up, and we decided it wasn’t a really comfortable stay, as the hotel was pretty active all night long, had no night clerks and it was a pretty secluded, darker parking lot area. Just didn’t get the ‘family-friendly’ vibe in this particular area. Just a heads up for you all.

After the mall, we stopped at Sonic across the street for some lemonades, hungout for about 20 minutes in the car watching a few YouTube videos and then headed back to Atlanta. Right off of Briarcliff Road, sits ‘Hawkins National Laboratory’ which is just as creepy driving up to in real life as it does on the show. It used to be a pscychiatric ward a long time ago, but is now vacant and used a ton in the filming industry. We parked and walked around the entire front of the building this time, peeking in the windows and taking it all in. If you’ve seen Stranger Things a bunch of times, you can basically figure out which spot is used for each of the different exterior scenes they used. The property does have a gate at the entrance from the road, but it was open, so we just came in and parked. When we left we did have to go through the exit gate and wait for it to open, but there were no problems. We did take our time walking around on the property, but not too much time. It was really quiet, and very desolate, almost an eerie feeling. A few of the front doors were open, just barely sitting on the door frame, so we didn’t know if people were inside, or what, but we didn’t want to find out either. Apparently, there are still underground tunnels under this building, which ended up making it extra creepy. It was pretty over grown with weeds, some random office chairs sitting in the courtyard area with vines growing around them, the windows were dusty looking with tons of hand prints from people peering in from the outside. I felt like I was in a horror movie while being there, but not in a bad way. I would say this has to be a spot you have to see in real life, especially for us Stranger Things fans. Recommended to go here as a group rather than just 2 people. It is a very big building and not secured at all. Just stick close together while exploring and you’ll be just fine. It was getting into the later part of the afternoon by this time, so we started to make our way back towards the hotel. We stopped at North Dekalb Mall real quick to check out the food court area and a few shops where they filmed during season 2 of Cobra Kai. They filmed in one of the comic book shops in the mall, so that’s where we headed first, also while walking through the food court where one of the chase/fight scenes were. In the comic book shop, Hawk confronts Dimitri in the comic book isle, and what do you know – theres a stack of Stranger Things comics. I grabbed the ones I didn’t have yet, along with 2 versions of ‘Six’, then found a Ghostbuster Lucas Funko Pop. Solid score at an out of town spot. As I was getting rung up, Kayla tells me about a giant cardboard cutout of S1 Stranger Things just outside the doors. I offered to buy it, but had no luck. The mall itself was pretty quiet, almost seemed as if it were an indoor-outlet shop. We didn’t walk around the mall at all, except for the food court area and the few surrounding stores where they filmed. For the last spot, we headed to the Lakewood area. There were 5 film spots within a mile radius of each other. The first one we went by was South Bend Pool & Dog Park, or seen as the pool setting as ‘Hawkins Community Pool’ in season 3. We didn’t want to get out, just for the sole fact that the pool was occupied an there were children, so we didn’t want to just walk in and start taking photos. Probably would look kinda weird, right? Once you drive in, the road makes a complete circle just outside the perimeter of the pool, so you can get a good look at the entire spot all just from driving in the car. I’d definitely would love to come back out of season and take some pics of the inside while its empty. About a half mile up the road is Cobra Kai dojo (2 locations) in the same shopping plaza as the ‘Pico Rivera Savings & Loan’ building that gets robbed in the movie Den of Thieves. The stand alone building used for this spot was a vacant building, but someone was working on something inside, as there were work trucks parked just outside. If you follow the shopping plaza down back towards the opposite end, you can see the store front used as the ‘Cobra Kai Dojo’ that Johnny opens in season 1. On the other side, which we forgot to drive by, was the store front used as a prop as the ‘original’ dojo you see young Johnny ride his bike up too. The Captain D’s in the parking lot is also used in Cobra Kai as the spot where Moon and Yaz park. Then, just right up the road from the plaza is Atlanta Technical College, which served as the setting for some exterior scenes and the giant fight scene inside the school. We just drove by since it looked like the school was in session. The best way I can describe the Lakewood area –make sure your doors are locked. It’s a pretty run down area. Since we only had to drive through, our visit was pretty quick. Just as the sun was getting ready to set, we stopped over in East Point, specifically to Piney Wood Lane, where you can see just about all of the kids homes in Stranger Things. When you enter into the neighborhood and see the power lines, you can look left and see Dustin’s house up on the hill, and a pretty decent view of the carport side. The front is pretty covered with some shade and lots of thin trees and is pretty high up from the road. If you keep going straight down Piney Wood Drive, Bar’s house will be on the left hand side just after the right curve (We miss you, Barb!). Your then come to a T in the road at Piney Wood Drive and Piney Wood Lane. Hang a left and you’ll see Lucas’ house on the left being separated by just one house from The Wheeler’s home that sits at the end of the cud-de-sac. Those same power lines next to the Wheelers are the same power lines that lead straight to Dustin’s house in reality. At the end of the driveway, you’ll see a bright orange and black ‘no tresspassing’ sign, but also says, in permanent marker, ‘Please take photos from street.’ Guess whoever lives here currently is pretty cool with everyone stopping by as long as they aren’t trying to get on their property (Thanks for being understanding!) You may or may not know it, but the house across the street from Mike’s is the ‘trick or treat’ house in season 2 where the boys are mad about the excessive 3 Muskateers. This neighborhood is so cute. The houses are pretty well manicured and are beautiful. I would love to live in this neighborhood, especially the Wheeler’s home. We did 2 rounds around the neighborhood, and tried looking for more filming lines painted on the road. We did see some that looks like it would be the spot where Lucas walks his bike through the front yard, stops in the street and sees the Hawkins Power & Light guy infront of Mike’s house. Maybe they were old, maybe they were new, maybe they weren’t anything. It was starting to get dark, so we went back to the hotel area, and grabbed some dinner at Carraba’s, ate, and then straight to the hotel.

 Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 Road trip Day 3.

About 9am, we hopped in the car and drove a few miles up the road to see Cascade Family Skating. Even though we knew it would be closed, we just wanted to see that big, iconic light up Cascade sign. Cascade was a main hangout spot in the movie ATL and also used as a location for an episode of Cobra Kai. I never knew what the layout of the parking lot or surrounding area looked like, but I think they recently added a Popeye’s directly in front of it, as it looked fairly new. I wish we could have gone inside and went skating, but we can always do that on another trip up. We left Cascade to head into downtown Atlanta, specifically to the Jimmy Carter Museum and Library. From May through December, they have a new exhibit added in, called “Georgia on my Screen: Jimmy Carter and the Rise of the Film Industry.”

Here’s a quick run down of what you’ll see – Upon entry, you buy your ticket ($12 for adults) in the gift shop and then grab a seat in the mini movie theater in the next room. You’ll sit through a really cool mini-docu all about Jimmy Carter and his family. It’s about 7 minutes long. After that ends, you enter the next room and you’ll enter into the start of the Jimmy Carter Exhibit. There’s tons of really cool artifacts, lots of information posted with each, and you can also see the replica Oval Office they have inside the exhibit as well. You can’t walk through the room, but it is roped off just enough so you feel like you’re inside.  The room is to scale of the actual oval office, desk and everything. On the ceiling is a big presidential seal, and it’s beautiful. You’ll want to take your time walking through the Carter part of the museum, trust me, it’s very interesting. All of a sudden you’ll enter another room and then immediately see Captain America’s actual costume, Thor’s hammer, Black Panther’s mask, Starlord’s blaster guns and all the Marvel Movie posters on the opposing wall. As you bend the next corner, you’ll see lots of costumes from various movies, all of which filmed in Georgia. Denzel Washington’s coach outfit and Ryan Gosling’s football uniform from Remember the Titans, Vinny’s boots and MonaLisa’s dress from My Cousin Vinny, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s outfits from Fast Five, and a bunch of other costumes and props. There’s a whole wall section featuring Tyler Perry’s Medea series, including the living room set and one of the dresses. Past the next corner and you’ll be sandwiched between some Walking Dead displays, even a few motorcycles, the famous ‘Alexandria Safe Zone’ sign and some amazing ‘walkers’ on display too. But now to the best part, where you suddenly see a “Welcome to Hawkins” street sign at the end of the Walking Dead stuff. A big wall including some info on Jess Royal, the ST set decorator, and some more about the show divided by a mural of the shadow monster invites you into Joyce’s living room. Pretty much including every cool prop used in the show. You can see the Mind Flayer drawing that Will draws, the wrist rocket, Hopper’s Police uniform, Eleven’s outfit from when she was staying in the woods, the millennium falcon that Eleven makes fly, Mike’s Ghostbuster costume complete with proton pack, Joyce’s coffee table, and just so much more. We spent a few minutes walking back and forth between the Walking Dead section and the Stranger Things one, then bailed. I was really hoping for some kind of unique merchandise area for the film exhibit, but nothing except a flyer on a regular piece of paper that featured ST on the front. The back had all the times listed that they would be showing films and Stranger Things episodes too. The exhibit was incredible, both the film and Jimmy Carter exhibits. Highly recommend this for history and film buffs while it’s showcased. I’d say to reserve at least an hour to an hour and a half for this stop, you’ll want to take your time inside. Parking was free and very close to the museum. There also was a lot of people exercising and walking their dogs outside and around the area. We also saw some sort of maybe arts and crafts fair happening in one of the parking lots on our way out. The area was very lush with greenery, very manicured and clean.

A few months back, I found a picture of a building from a BTS photo during S3 filming for Stranger Things. The only info on it that I saw was that it was ‘Hawkins Post’ and it was somewhere located in Lithonia. I ended up back on google maps, cruising the streets again, and eventually found it. Took me a little while because I was originally looking for a yellow building, and it turns out, they had quickly painted it back after filming to its red brick tone. When we pulled up on the street, there wasn’t really anywhere to park except on the street, but they were all taken. We had to park behind the building in an apartment building parking lot. On the side of the building where it had looked like they filmed in the photo I saw, was a small fair happening. There were a few 10x10 tents set up and tables with goods on them. We didn’t stay too long, or take a lot of photos, as the area was pretty conjested. Inside, you could see some left over props, including a stack of banker boxes labled “case files 1969-1970” and “to be shred 1972” that looks like they’re the ones that Eleven finds under the floor board of the cabin. There was also a patch display which seemed as if they were all police department patches, 2 boxes labeled “evidence” and some other boxes of most likely scene props packed away. So cool to see some of the props still in there! Wonder if it’s going to be used again for possibly another season? The area where the Post sits is right at end, of what appears to be the in town square, of the main road. Nothing much to see coming in and isn’t too far off the main highway. Basically, you’ll be in and out of Lithonia real quick for this spot. Next spot on the list was ‘Bradley’s Big Buy’ in the quiet town of Palmetto.  We parked and went inside, straight to the isle where Eleven grabs the Eggos. The top of the frozen food isle is lined with memorabilia from the show, including some autographed stuff and pictures. They also have shirts you can buy that have the Piggly Wiggly logo on the front, and ‘Strange Things happened here’ written on the back. They also have actual ‘Bradley’s Big Buy’ shirts also, since that’s what it was originally named. The staff inside were all friendly and very nice and seemed happy that the fans come into the store. While we were chatting, they told us that a few hours before we arrived, that a small group from Munich, Germany came in, solely because of the show. How cool! Just goes to show how big Stranger Things is all over the world! One of the employees, a very nice gentleman, took the time and gave us a few fun facts about some filming info. No, I’m not going to share what he told us, you’ll just have to make the drive over to find out for yourself! One of the employees was even kind enough to ask us if we wanted to have a group picture of us standing in the doorway, while the one gentleman held the slider doors open for us and they took the photo. So nice of them! I wish they had a small Bradley’s Big Buy tshirt in-stock for me to take home, but I guess I’ll have to wait until we go back up again! (Big thank you to the staff at Bradley’s! You all were so kind to us!) Also- don’t forget that Dustin and Mike ride their bikes down Menefee Street and stop at the corner to see all the commotion. After Bradley’s and heading to the outskirts of Palmetto, we went to a church and cemetery that was also from a photo I saw from a BTS filming for ST. Again, I found it by google maps. We didn’t stay long at all, just snapped a few panoramic style photos and left. The road was a little scary, with large drop offs on either side, was pretty curvy and a bit hilly also. The name of the Church was Sardist Baptist Church, and really is out in the country. Just be prepapred for a long drive to this one. Our hotel was even a pretty long drive from here. It was a more back road, scenic route we took. Lots of private farms filled the landscape on both sides of the road, with some heavy woods in between each property almost. The for a little while it seemed like we were in the literal middle of no where. Just so peaceful and green. Finally we got back to the hotel, hung out for a bit, then headed to Tiffany’s Kitchen for dinner. If you didn’t know, Tiffany’s Kitchen is Benny’s Burgers in Stranger Things. It’s such a cute restaurant, very homey feeling. Nice staff and good diner styled food. I had the Angus burger with cheese and French fries, because, well, that’s what Eleven eats while Benny questions her. For just $6 it was so tastey! The booth we sat in was the same booth that Merrill and the boys sit in. The table directly across from us was empty, but was where Benny and Eleven sat. We had the same view into the kitchen that Benny had when he discover Eleven. All I could hear in my head everytime I looked over at it was Benny yelling, ‘HEY!’ We finished eating and walked around out back, where Brenner looks into the woods and where Eleven comes out of the woods. While standing at the tree line in the back, you can definitely picture Benny throwing away the bag of trash. After we ate, it was just about 5pm, and we had to be at Sleepy Hollow Farm for Hopper’s Cabin Escape Room at 5:30. Luckily it was about a 10 minute drive from the restaurant to the farm, so we made it in time. The driveway pulling in looks just like a regular driveway, with signs that say ‘Sleepy Hollow Farm’ and ‘Christmas Trees.’ You have to drive through the property for just a bit, passing a bunch of chicken coops on the way, while following the path to the sign that says ‘Hopper’s Cabin’ and you’ll see a little parking area and a picnic table. There’s also a sign behind the table that says ‘Stranger Things’ and some Christmas lights hanging in the trees behind it. When we pulled up, there were 4 people waiting at the table – 2 couples who were friends, and then us. It was their first time there also, but only one of them had seen the show. Then another car pulled in and parked and was a mom, dad and little boy. The dad had on a Hawkins AV Club shirt and the little boy had on a logo ST shirt. We all immediately bonded and agreed to work together as a team inside. I can’t give out any details, other than THIS IS ACTUALLY HOPPER’S CABIN from season 2! It’s not a real house, it’s just a prop house, meaning, no a/c or real walls. They did re-create the interior to look as exact as possible with props. I did like, that at anytime, for any reason, you could just open up the front door and walk out incase you needed too. You get one hour for the escape room. We got out after solving the main objective, then adding in 2 extra bonus boxes and ending with 9 min left! Once we were finished, we found out that all of us got a discount on our next session since we finished the bonus boxes. We were also told that about 90% of the people who try to escape, can’t finish in the allotted hour bracket. Luckily, we all worked as a team, even as strangers, to break out! It was such a well thought out escape room! The clues were all ST related, so If you haven’t watched the show, you may have a VERY hard time escaping, so you better start watching now! We hung out for a quick minute and helped reset the cabin with one of the employees since we wanted to take pictures of the inside, but without anything clues being obvious from the photos. She and the other staff member were both extremely nice and very friendly. I think her name was Karen that we were with at the end, and she even walked us over to the shed to show us some of the photos they got from production that they have. She took the time to chat with us briefly while the other new group coming in getting the run down from the other employee. Also, on that same property is the pumpkin patch and corn maze also featured in the show. You have to walk down a fairly long path, through the Christmas tree plots, and then you’ll see it down at the bottom of the hill. One of the workers came over and greeted us, and we told her we asked Karen if it was Ok to walk down and take pictures. The pumpkin patch sign had tipped over, and sean and the one gal had lifted it back up for a photo op. We even got to see the little tiny pumpkins starting to grow there too!! The corn maze was the field across from the pumpkins, but it was empty at the time. This place is an ABSOLUTE MUST for all ST fans! It’s so much fun, the staff is so nice and just being in Hopper’s cabin is totally tubular! Before you leave, don’t forget to look for the trip wire tree!

 June 23rd, 2019 Road Trip Day 3.

Now that Sunday morning was here, it was time to pack up all our stuff and check out. Back to Florida we go. BUT FIRST! MORE STOPS! For the first stop, we had to head back to East Point again, but this time to see ‘Hawkins General Hospital’ and season 3’s ‘Hawkins Town Hall’ and luckily they are right next to eachother. The ‘hospital’ is East Point First Baptist Church, but the only location on the property they used was for just one scene at the end of season 1, where Hopper walks outside to light a cigarette and is greeted by a black car and some guys from the lab. The location for this is behind the church off the side road on Linwood, in the rear parking area of the church. The town hall sits at the corner right next to the church, and is even the real East Point Town Hall, although it looked like a new  town hall building had just recently been built right next to it. On the ground you could see some film paint marks, and through the windows, it was pretty bare. It was pretty early in the morning when we stopped by but there was decent foot traffic around the town. For the most part it seemed pretty safe. For our next spot, we went to Union City to see both ‘Larusso Auto Group’ dealerships from Cobra Kai. Both are functioning dealerships, so we didn’t really go on the property since they were closed. Then from there to Steve Harrington’s beautiful house in Fayetteville. When you turn on to Carlton Road, in Red Gate Estates, you’ll be in awe of how gorgeous some of the homes are. Steve’s house is the 10th on the left side and you can’t miss it. Still has the red front doors! If you drive past it, you can just barely see the pool area in the backyard through the trees. Steve’s house is a total dream house in real life and in the cutest, spacious neighborhood. After Steve’s, we made a quick stop at the cemetery where Will’s body was buried. Where they filmed for that scene was actually an empty piece of land next to the cemetery. The spot where Johnathan and Nancy sit after the funeral and discuss the Demogorgon is actually in the cemetery. About a mile up the road from there is Terry Ives home, which is down a private drive way, and we opted not to enter. Also in the same area is the Byers’ home, which we strolled by again just for a quick picture, then made a beeline for Fun Spot America! Fun Spot America was used as the setting for  ‘Golf ‘N Stuff’ from an episode of Cobra Kai, where Sam (Daniel’s daughter) goes on a first with Miguel. Almost the same date that Daniel and Alli (with an I) go on their first date in the original movie. We had planned on going in and playing some games and riding the 4 story go-kart track, but we ended up passing on it since our time was getting cut closer, and we still had one long, final stop to make. Parking was also $5 and then it was $37 for a pass for the day. Not bad at all, we just really didn’t have the time to spare. We had to make a quick Target run since there was one about a mile up the road, to look for new Stranger Things merchandise of course. Picked up one of the birthday cards, and found a Brenner Pop and bought those for my collection.

Now it was to our last spot in Senoia, Georgia. Home of The Walking Dead. Let me just start out by saying this town is beautiful. Fans galore. When we pulled into town, it was about to storm, so we parked and literally ran down to Nic & Norman’s for lunch. Owned by Greg Nicotero (TWD Special Effects Creator) and Norman Reedus (plays Daryl in the series), this restaurant is phenomenal, from the food to the décor to the speak-easy vibe, just great atmosphere. We sat at the table right behind the host stand, which was actually about a foot higher then every other table in the entire place. Almost like a VIP table, but it just so happened it was the only one open when we walked in. It’s also the only table with a window view. We ordered the deep fried pickles for an appetizer and they were ridiculously good! They weren’t your typical pickle chips, they were like strips almost, about the width of a normal French fry and the ranch dressing to dip was just as good! Drinks were served in higher end style mason jars, even waters. The rest of the food was amazing,  waiters and staff were all very nice and friendly. Such a cool dining experience. The restaurant is divided in half, with one side being the dining side and one side being a long bar. There’s also a small gift shop area in the front when you enter. I had only purchased a Nic & Norman’s beer coozie to add to my collection. They were only $5, so how could you pass up on it? Once we got done eating, it finally stopped raining. We made sure we reserved at least another hour for this next part. From the restaurant, we went straight to The Woodbury Shoppe, which is the officlal TWD store for awesome merchandise. I only got a few post cards since I wanted something pretty inexpensive since we still had lots more shopping to do. We heard that one of the shops behind Woodbury Shoppe had baby goats, so we headed over. The store that had the goats, 2 little babies, was full of products made from goats. They had lotions, soaps and cute pillows. Such a quaint little shop. Kayla bought a lotion and swears it’s the best one she’s ever used. After petting some goats, we went back around into Woodbury Shoppe and went downstairs into the museum. I think the stair case you walk down is from the prison in the show, but I could be wrong. Once you get down to the bottom, there’s a few props from the show, including one of the jail cells Maggie and Glen share. There’s also those “Dead Inside. Don’t Open” doors on the wall too, along with lots of autographs from the cast signed on the wall with permanent marker. There’s also a room full of artwork done by Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham in the series. Lucky for us, we were the only ones downstairs at the time, and we got to meet him. Such a swell guy, a hell of an artist, and he was super friendly. He walked us around the art area and told us little things about a few of the pieces. He had larger canvas’ availalble, art prints, sketches, all different kinds of art. He even had t-shirts and each one was a one of one. All of the art was decently priced also, as Michael said he wants it to be affordable for all fans. The 3 of us chatted with him for about 15 minutes and then found out he was just recently living near one of us and planned on buying another home sometime soon close by as well. Such a small world! We thanked him for the hospitality while looking around and said our good-byes. I didn’t think I would see any of the cast while we were there, but geez, getting the VIP service about all the art in the museum BY one of the cast members was a really cool experience! After the museum, we stopped in a few more shops before walking down to the train tracks and the ‘Alexandria Safe Zone’ area. From a female point of view – I could have easily spent 2 hours just shopping around in that small little town. While you’re walking around in the town area, make sure you look down at the movie bricks on the sidewalk! At the bottom of the hill, you’ll see a little white gazebo with some train tracks behind it. If you go left you can walk down the tracks to the bridge, but I wouldn’t want to walk it in flip flops or sandals, since it’s a little slippery and there’s a lot of vines. If you follow the train track the opposite way, you’ll cros the main road and end up standing infront of the backside of the ‘Alexandria Safe Zone.’ Ropes and No Tresspassing signs line the property.They still have production cranes on the property that are parked right in plain sight. The mill is probably the most visible while looking over the wall. You can also see some of the homes too. There’s trees that line the entire perimeter past the wall, so you can’t see in from really anywhere else. The side streets are barricaded off, although people live here, ‘it says no pedestrians or thru traffic.’ After walking around the filming area, we went to Main Street Fudge and Ice Cream Shop for a quick cup of mint chip. On the walls inside, are maps that have writing all over them with neon colored paint markers. You’re more than welcome to grab a marker and sign away! Of course, I did, should you even ask? By the way, the ice cream was delish! When we finished eating, we all went and took turns for the restroom before we got back in the car. While waiting outside of the ice cream shop, there was a little alley way, perfectly landscaped with lots of blue and purple hydrangeas and some patio styled lights draped over top, such a beautiful walkway. In fact, between almost all of the shops, there’s cute alley ways just like this one, but all different, and very photogenic. When we got back in the car, we drove around the area just to see if we could see anything else. Behind the post office, you can see the actual entrance to the set, complete with sign and everything. On the opposite side from there is a thru street you can drive on, and one of the homes is also used in the series. It’s the abandoned house that Rick and Carl camp in. We did see some tour buses driving around and tour guides walking with groups. There really were fans everywhere, the entire time. It’s almost like a surreal place, like the whole area is just fake, but it isn’t. This is 1000% a very family-friendly area. The experience is quite amazing here in Senoia. If you’re a Walking Dead fan, make the time to come here, it’s worth it!

We said good-bye to Georgia (for this time) and jumped on the interstate. We got back home around 11pm that night and were all exhausted. That next day, we already started talking about doing, yep, you guessed it – another trip. Looks like I’ll hopefully be adding in some more S3 locations for Stranger Things over the next few weeks!


***Below is a list of locations and addresses. I’ll try to include as many photos as possible for each location as well. They are posted in the same order as when we visited them this last time up (weekend of June 20-June 23, 2019), but do include photos from previous trips. In the time of 4 days, we visited nearly 37 different filming spots for 4 different films, all within a 30 mile radius of Atlanta. Also included is a few photos of Max & Billy's house although we didn't go out to Stone Mountain on this last trip.


Jackson, Georgia (Downtown Hawkins, Indians)
Melvald’s General Store (vacant) - 4 2nd Street
Radio Shack (Headliners) – 22 2nd Street
Hawkins Library (Butts Co. Probate Court) – 25 3rd Street
Hawk Cinema (Bradley’s Olde Tavern)– 12 Oak Street
Hawkins Water & Sewer Authority (Butts Co. Water & Sewer)– 100 W. 2nd Street
Steve & Jonathan’s Alley Fight – alley directly behind ‘Hawk Cinema’
Lucy Lu’s Coffee Shop – 42 N. Mulberry Street

 Sac-O-Suds (vacant) – 38 Georgia 16

Hawkins Middle & High School (Patrick Henry Adult Ed. Center) – 109 S. Lee Street
The Hideaway (Smokin’ Cues) – 112 N. Berry Street


Hawkins Police Station (vacant) – 8485 Courthouse Square West
Palace Arcade (vacant) – 6501 Church Street

All Valley Sports Arena (Kennesaw St. University Gym) – 635 Walter Kelly Road
The Larusso Home – 130 Woodlawn Drive NE
Ted’s Montana Grill – 640 Johnson Ferry Road
Oakes on the Beach (Olde Towne Athletic Club) – 4950 Olde Towne Parkway

Starcourt Mall (Gwinnett Place Mall) – 2100 Pleasant Hill Road

NW Atlanta
Hawkins National Laboratory (Emory University IT Center) – 1256 Briarcliff Road

Cobra Kai Mall Fight Scene (North Dekalb Mall) – 2050 Lawrenceville Highway

SE Atlanta
Hawkins Community Pool (South Bend Pool) – 2171 Lakewood Avenue SE
Pico Rivera Savings & Loan (vacant) – 2891 Lakewood Avenue SW
Cobra Kai Dojo (vacant) – 2779 Lakewood Ave SW
Old Cobra Kai Dojo (Vacant) – 1953 Lakewood Avenue SW

East Point
Dustin’s house – 2530 Piney Wood Lane
Lucas’ house – 2550 Piney Wood Lane
Trick or Treat house – 2545 Piney Wood Lane
Barb’s house – 2980 Piney Wood Drive
Dustin’s house – 2886 Piney Wood Drive


Cascade Family Skating – 3335 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW
Jimmy Carter Museum and Library – 441 John Lewis Freedom Parkway NE

Hawkins Post (vacant) – 6981 Main Street

Bradley’s Big Buy (Piggly Wiggly) – 504 Center Street
Mike & Dustin ride bikes – down Menefee Street to corner of Center Street

Lithia Springs
Benny’s Burgers (Tiffany’ Kitchen) – 7413 Lee Road

Powder Springs
Hopper’s Cabin, Pumpkin patch, Corn Field (Sleepy Hollow Farm) – 628 Sleepy Hollow Road


East Point
Hawkins General Hospital (East Point Baptist Church) – 2813 East Point Street
Hawkins Town Hall  (Old East Point Town Hall) – 2757 East Point Street

Union City
Larusso Auto Group/season 1 (Atlanta Motors Superstore) – 6740 Oakley Industrial Blvd.
Larusso Auto Group/season 2 (Butler Lexus of South Atlanta) – 4025 Jonesboro Road

Steve Harrington's house – 8253 Carlton Road

Will’s cemetery (Bethany Baptist Church) – 607 Rivers Road
Terry Ives house – 424 Lees Lake Road
Golf n’ Stuff (Fun Spot America) – 1675 Georgia 85
The Byer's Home - 149 Coastline Rd.
Nic & Norman’s – 20 Main Street
The Woodbury Shoppe & TWD Museum – 1 Main Street
Alexandria Safe Zone & Train Tracks – Gin Street at Broad Street
Main Street Fudge & Ice Cream Shop – 42 Main Street
Abandon House where Rick & Carl Camp – 270 Pylant Street